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Full Lower Body Active Release Workshop(Regina)

Full Lower Body Active Release Workshop

What is Active Release with Therapy Balls?

Relieve stress, unwind knots, and loosen locked muscles with these invaluable therapeutic tools that provide targeted Active Release therapy, helping to penetrate through layers of skin, fascia and muscle and massage deeply into your high tension areas. Learn specialized techniques to create an Active Release program you can use anywhere, anytime.

  •  Your self care bible! 

  • Immediate relief of pain, tension and stress. 

  • Targeted deep tissue release

  • Create lasting change

  • Improve balance, flexibility and coordination. 

  • Great for all types if injuries

  • Upper body focus

Lower Body1 @ 11:30-2 pm

 $50 per session or $80 for both lower and upper body workshops

To register or for more information visit: